Natalie Silitch Antiques and Crafts

Natalie Silitch has been creating handmade crafts and gifts in downtown Annapolis for over 40 years. Her handmade, folk inspired angels and showmen have been to every continent, sold out each season, and graced the White House christmas tree. When Natalie has in high school, she'd take the bus to Cleveland's downtown Hally's department store and browse the antiques section, her passion for warn, loved items runs deep. In 2005, Natalie opened her curated antiques and home goods store on Maryland Ave, before the street held festivals, and long before the first iPhone release. Since, Natalie has expanded her antiques storefront, sourcing unique items from across the eastern seaboard, including italian and french provincial furniture and decorations, preserved ocean treasures and fine glassware. Come buy stuff.

62 Maryland Ave
Annapolis, MD, 21401

Tuesday - Saturday 11-5PM
Sunday 12-5PM
Instagram: @nataliesilitchantiques



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